7 Reasons Why Communication Always Works

In today’s world it is very important that we communicate with one another, it has a profound affect on us and to others. This article will summarize each subtitle how communication is necessary in all aspects of life, to get along with our fellow neighbor and to make peace with people. Whether it’s between a marriage spouse, parent, child, or teacher.
Displaying love and affection has a strong affect to people. A simple hug, greeting, and a kiss, can make someone feel elated. This actually welcome and warms a person up to engage in conversation, if they happen to feel unloved or depressed. Love always conquers because acting on it is the way of communicating by emotions. People who are looking for love happen to be drawn to someone who express their inner feelings, without being ashamed or embarrassed. Teachers who shows personal interest towards a student has allowed students to open up about how they feel even when it’s personal. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and it has the power to cover the inner wound.

For centuries wars has contributed to hatred pain, and bloodshed leaving a division among mankind. Racism and prejudice towards fellow neighbor has become prevalent, it has passed on because of an individuals upbringing or background. Peace has enable many to come together as one by means of getting to know each other’s culture, ethnicity, race, and personality. It has allowed humanity to unite through communication.

Self control
Today people at times can easily get angry and annoyed. Some really bring out their frustration causing unwanted arguments and fights. We live in a world we’re people have a lack of self control, they become fierce if someone accidentally bump into them and look at them a certain way. Two ways that has helped people with this problem, is to discuss this with a close friend or family member. And imitating someone they looked up to as an example who has a mild spirit.

The definition of joy means a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It’s great when it exist among friendships who are honest and trustworthy. Relationships like these last for a long time, and never breaks apart because of the consistent communication. Another way of feeling joyful is being a parent for the first time being able to communicate with an unborn baby is an exciting time for the mother even though the baby is inside the womb.

Having a dispute with a marriage mate can be very difficult if they don’t come to an agreement. Some have separated and divorced because of this issue that leaded to anger and strife. What has been beneficial for marriage mates is being kind and gentle towards one another and both taking the initiative to talk about the matter willing to have a sit down discussion.

Doing good for people whether it’s for strangers, the poor, and friends leaves a big impact on them. Those who receive goodness are thankful and appreciative, sometime it builds lasting friendships. Assisting people is one of the best way of communicating for example elderly ones, children, and widows are vulnerable since sometime they can be dependent on others. They would need help and the motivation for someone to assist them, they can always be encouraged by word and action.

Patience is a quality that people are attracted to because it deals with long suffering. Someone who has patience can easily learn how to deal with people who can make them upset without showing it. Communicating with someone who has patience is interesting to talk to because they have a lack of pre-judging people. Most times they are sincere, genuine, and very good listeners who are willing to help.

In conclusion communication has proved to be the key to happiness. These beautiful qualities such as love, peace, self control, joy, mildness, goodness, and patience it has worked for many years and still do if one put into practice. People all over the world have experienced or displayed such qualities whether they we’re aware of it or not, this is just our natural instinct way of doing things. Communication is an excellent way of showing kindness, affection, forgiveness, and compassion, it has enable one to feel loved and appreciated. If a situation arises between two people are more it will be beneficial if they handle it in a wholesome way which will bring peace of mind in return bring comfort to the soul.